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What is S•O•S Services?

We are fluids analysis services laboratory in Indonesia with standard ISO 17025 & KAN accreditation (National Accreditation Committee). We are running thru digital Web application called CAT SOS SM.

What Analysis can be performed by S•O•S Services?
  1. Oil sample analysis: Component wear rate (Wear element, Particle count) Oil condition (Viscosity, Sulfation, Oxidation, Nitration), Oil contamination (Soot, Water, Coolant, Fuel dilution, & Oil identification.
  2. Coolant analysis testing: Boil and Freeze Protection, Coolant condition (pH, Conductivity, Nitrite, Physical inspection) and Coolant contamination (Foam, Oil & Fuel Presence)
  3. Fuel analysis testing: FAME, Density, Flash point, Particle count, Viscosity, Sulphur & Water content.


What can I do with Cat S•O•S Web?
  1. Data Analysis - Analyze your fluid data results to discover trends.
  2. Sample Reports – View & Retrieve fluid sample reports.
  3. Dashboard Notifications - Quickly identify items requiring immediate attention.
  4. Print Labels – Printing fluid sample labels.
  5. Management Reports - Produce reports for management.
  6. Action Record - Recording actions and repairs
  7. View History - Access equipment/component history
What kind of analysis cannot be done by S•O•S Services?

Catastrophic Failure & Brand or API oil classification

Why you need Cat S•O•S Web?
  1. To monitor your sample process, you need access to Cat S•O•S Web
  2. Go to https:\\ (MCC). Sign Up to create Cat Web Site (CWS) ID and follow instruction until finish. Then login to MCC using your CWS ID and password, open the “Overview” page, and then select “SOS Application” link from the “Quick links” section on the bottom left corner of the page. 
When your sample result analysis report available?
  1. You will get notification summary on registered email reports.
  2. For oil maximum 2 days, for Coolant maximum 3 days & Fuel maximum 5 days after received by lab.
  3. Your report will available also soon as possible after interpretation on SOS Web ( – SOS Application. 
Where to send my samples?

Send your sample bottles to nearest Trakindo branch around Indonesia. Our branch will forward your bottles & label to nearest S•O•S laboratory. 

How do I ensure that I get the best quality of S•O•S analysis?

Beside we use standard ISO 17025 & Passing National Accreditation. Accurate sampling & labelling information will help accurate-best quality result analysis & recommendation. See video & brochure guidance link. 

Who can be contacted to get information related to S•O•S services?

Please use the Live Chat or Request a Quote provided here. You can also contact Trakindo by phone to Trakindo Call Centre (TCC) at 1500-228 or submit your inquiries by email to 

How to track my samples?

You able to track your sample thru “Sample Status” & Report on SOS Web:  

  1. Sample still “pending” when sample bottle still not received, no lab process yet possible customer process delivery or contact TCC on point 8 or Branch where you delivered.
  2. Sample still “in-process” when sample bottle received & analysis processing in the lab.  
  3. Sample completed when status: “New”, “In Progress” & “Close”.
  4. Download from “Reports” tab - “Sample” tab – “Sample Latest Report”. 
How to read Lab Number?

Lab number format is |LLLL|-|JJJJJ|-|BB|SS| for example “J21A-51285-0101” that consists of:

  1. LLLL: J21A for Dealer & Lab code (A= Tangerang/BSD, B= Balikpapan, C=Batu Hijau, E= Kuala Kencana).
  2. JJJJJ: Julian date.
  3. BB: Batch, F0 = Fuel, C0 = Coolant, 01 = Oil.
    Notes. When fuel & coolant more than 99 samples, will sequence to next number.
  4. SS: Sequence number  
How S•O•S Laboratory provide an assessment of samples?
  1. Assessment designed based on 4 ratings below:
    1. Overall NAR - No Action Required (Green), condition still normal.
    2. Overall MC - Monitor Compartment (Yellow), minor corrective action or more information might require.
    3. Overall AR - Action Required (Red), abnormal condition has occurred, corrective action is required.
    4. Overall UAR - Urgent Action Required (Red!), extreme abnormality has occurred, immediate corrective action is required. 
  2. Assessment summary rating analysis including interpretation comment recommendation. 
Which browser should I use to access Cat S•O•S Web?

All browser able to be utilize, for the best possible experience, Google Chrome are the recommended Internet browsers.