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Trakindo Training Center

The Trakindo Training Center in Cileungsi is a 5-Star rated facility according to the annual Caterpillar audit for Learning Capabilities Assessment Tools (LCAT), placing it as one of the best among Caterpillar dealers throughout the world.

Established soon after Trakindo was founded in 1970, Trakindo Training Center has ever since continuously developing its capacity and capability. Highly qualified and trained instructors have been progressively advanced, as well as its facilities, workshops and training sessions. This is part of Trakindo's commitment to sustain our internal and our customers' human capital development.


Trakindo Training Center’s Vision is to establish a world class working & training environment which is recognized to induce learning, employee development and the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and performance excellence. In its journey, Trakindo Training Center received several acknowledgements, among others are:

OHSAS 18001: 2007

To open new palm oil area, the first step to be done is to build access road, and canal refers to estate’s block design. PT Trakindo Utama has the best option for Infrastructure Preparation through

Service Training Excellence Accreditation Award

5 Star Award of Learning Capabilities and Assessment Tools

5 Star Rating of Contamination Control

Training Center Location

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