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Sustainable Options Providing Like New Performance At A Fraction Of The Price

To maximize the productivity and achieving the most possible cost ownership, then it is an option to use CAT Reman. Caterpillar is remanufacturing the old core that returned from customers to be back to like new condition. There are extensive product coverage for CAT Reman for major component and minor components
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Some of attractive benefit for using CAT Reman are:

  • Reduces your total cost of ownership, where it is saving up to 60% over new
  • Cat Reman helps tailor repair options to your need and budget.
  • Off the shelf availability to minimize downtime
  • Same-as-new 12 month Caterpillar Parts Warranty
  • Enviromental friendly and contribute to sustainability development
  • Clear cost upfront - using the visual inspection refer to Core Acceptance Criteria

Some of CAT Reman Component Options :

  • Complete Engine
  • Transmission
  • Final Drive
  • Engine Parts, i.e : injectors, cylinder head, turbocharges, waterpump, etc
  • Hydraulics Parts, i.e : Pump, Cylinder, Rod, etc